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Shenzhen Baoan International Airport

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport is one of four aviation cargo transportation centers of China planned by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, possesses international traffic rights of 37 countries and is used by over 20 domestic and foreign airlines. Now Shenzhen Baoan International Airport has opened over 120 domestic and international routes, reaching over 90 domestic and foreign cities (of which cities outside the territory of Chinese mainland include Macao, Singapore, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Anchorage, Chicago, Liège, Osaka, Tokyo, Bangkok, Dubai, Penang, Amsterdam and so on), besides, the scheduled flight at sea between Shenzhen Airport and Hong Kong Airport was open to navigation in September 2003 to realize the transfer of passengers.

Q1. How do I transact the procedures when I arrive in the Bao’an airport?
Step 1. The Arrival Hall of international flights is located at the first floor of Terminal Building B,please head for there with your portable baggage.

Step 2. Please fill in relative forms of inspection and quarantine and hand them to the working personnel.

Step 3. Please prepare your valid certificates such as passport and visa and fill in relative forms in pursuant to disembarkation provisions before being inspected by frontier defense checking staff.

Step 4. The Baggage Picking-up Hall is located at the first floor of Terminal Building B and a Dial Screen is installed at the entrance. Please pick up your baggage according to your flight number。

Step 5. To avoid any mistaking of baggage,there are working personnel at the exit to check your Baggage Tag. Please cooperate with them to assure that no mistaking will occur.

Step 6. Please accept the inspection conducted by customs personnel and quarantine personnel with your valid passport and disembarkation application.

Q2. How do I transact the procedures when I depart from the Bao’an airport?
Step 1. The passengers of international flight may enter into the Departure Hall of international flight through No.7 gate at the second floor of Terminal Building B

Step 2. Please fill in the forms of embarkation in advance and cooperate with inspection & quarantine personnel and customs personnel to inspect your baggage.

Step 3. The screen of international flight which fixed in the Departure Hall displays the corresponding check-in counter and other information about the flight.

Step 4. Any daily knives(such as fruit knife and scissors)and liquors(not exceeding 2 kg)shall be consigned. You can not take them with you when boarding

Step 5. Please go through boarding and consigning procedures with your ticket,which booked a seat for you,valid passport,visa and other valid certificates at the proper counter.

Step 6. Please go through embarkation procedures with your boarding card,disembarkation & embarkation registration form,passport, visa and other valid certificates.(The time limit of embarkation shall be within the valid time limit specified disembarkation & embarkation visa).

Step 7. Please go through safety inspection procedures to wait for boarding as soon as possible. While going through safety inspection procedures,you should prepare your boarding card,ticket and valid certificates.

Step 8. Please put metal objects(such as mobile-phone and keys)in your portable baggage bag in advance to save your time for safety inspection

Step 9. Please arrive at the boarding gate as early as possible. You should present your boarding card while boarding. Please queue up to board. The boarding gate will be closed 10 minutes before the departure time.

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