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Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Located in Shanghai's western suburbs, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is a convenient 13 kilometers from the centre of the city. One of the busiest airports in China, it accommodates domestic arrivals and departures while also providing a service to Tokyo and Seoul, and having standby capacity for international flight landings. With 15 waiting halls, 15 luggage conveyors, 18 VIP lounges, and a variety of shops, restaurants, and other facilities, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is well equipped to serve the millions of people who use it each year.

Featured “Redcap”: When walking in the Terminal building of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, the first service window, “Redcap” can be seen. It is a special team to provide handcart service, priority checking in service, priority security check service, and priority boarding service for senior, pregnant and incapable people. There are totally 3 service stations of “Redcap” team covering the domestic departure station and arrival service station. Passengers may find “Redcap” team outside the No. 2 Gate of Building A and outside the No. 5 Gate of Building B.

Reconfirm Your Tickets:
Passengers having reserved seats on connecting or return nights should reconfirm their reservations if they stay in the departing place for more than 72 hours. Reservations without reconfirmation will be automatically cancelled.

To make it convenient for passengers to go through customs during arrival and departure, we have set up the Red Channel and Green Channel examination systems. Passengers (with the exception of those holding diplomatic passports or having Customs exemption), please fill in the "Passengers Baggage Declaration Form" while you are on board.

When you need to transfer at Hongqiao Airport, you'd better set at least an hour between your two flights to go to baggage claim and check-in.

When you are traveling, there are always services you need to access. With money being one of the undeniable necessities of life, it is certain that you will need to have at least a small amount available to you during your stay at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Aware of this, the airport has ensured that there are facilities at hand to help you.

For those wanting modern communications facilities, international direct dial telephones can be found in the arrivals section. If you want to use public telephones at the airport, make sure you have a phone card or a supply of local coins.

When shopping at the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and in China generally, remember that if you are keen to find the best price, you may need to visit several shops to compare prices before buying.

Service Tel:
Information enquiry number:021-52604620
Exchange No.: 021-62688899
Complain Tel: 021-62683682

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