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San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

San Francisco International Airport (SFO), the “gateway to the Pacific,” is a world-class airport serving tens of millions of domestic and international passengers annually. One of the world’s 30 busiest airports, SFO is committed to setting the standard for our industry. This includes being a leader in safety and security, customer service and satisfaction, community relations, environmental commitment, quality of facilities, and financial and economic vitality. SFO was the first major U.S. airport to achieve 100 percent fully automated and integrated baggage screening. Today, efficient operations ensure our passenger screening wait times are among the shortest in the nation.

Public transit
The Bay Area Rapid Transit operates a rapid rail service to northern San Mateo County, San Francisco (journey time - 30 minutes) and the East Bay from the SFO BART station on the Departures level of the International Terminal. The station is linked to all terminals via the free AirTrain service. BART services connect to Millbrae Station, from where a Caltrain shuttle service runs between San Francisco and San Jose.

Bus: SamTrans buses run from the terminals to destinations in San Mateo County and parts of San Francisco and Palo Alto, 24 hours. For further ground transportation information, visit the airport information booths or call the Bay Area Transit information line

Taxi: Taxis depart from outside the Arrivals levels of all terminals. Taxi drivers are required by airport regulations to accept fares to all destinations.

Minibus: Door-to-door minibuses provide services between the airport and various destinations in San Francisco and surrounds; minibuses are available on a walk-up basis until 2300, and pick-up is outside the Departures levels of all terminals.

A number of limousine operators provide transportation services to and from SFO.
International Terminal:  Limousines pick-up passengers from the limousine zone, located at the roadway center island, Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level.

Airporters, privately operated scheduled bus services, operate between SFO and many Bay Area cities. Airporters depart from the center Island transportation zones on the Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level of the International Terminal and Domestic Terminals 2 and 3. Airporters drop off at the terminal curbs on the Departures/Ticketing Level of all terminals.

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