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Haikou Meilan International Airport

Haikou Meilan International Airport is the largest and newest airport on the island of Hainan in China. It is located 25km from the main provincial city of Haikou and opened in 1999. The airport, operated by Meilan Airport Company Limited, serves both domestic and international passengers. The airport terminal has 45 check-in counters and 11 security checkpoints. Getting to the airport from Haikou city by taxi usually costs about RMB 50 and takes about 30 minutes.


Q1. Is there any airport bus to go to the downtown of Haikou?
Haikou Airport is 30 minutes' drive from downtown by bus. A shuttle bus operates between the airport and the downtown. It begins at 05:30 and runs until the last flight of the day. The bus fare is CNY15.

Q2. Do you know the following restrictive provisions for international check-in baggage?
Limitation for hand luggage: International flight: Total weight should be no more than 7kg (Some Airlines have their own special limits). The size of each luggage should be no more than 20 x 40 x 55cm (The sum of length, width and height should be no more than 115cm).
Please note: The above are general provisions and different Airlines may have their own standards. Please check your flight tickets for specific information.

Q3. How to process temporary Identity Card for boarding?
If your valid Identity Card was lost, damaged or outdated, please process relevant procedures, by submitting the original or fax copy of your Domicile Certificate, issued by local Police Station at your place of domicile, and two recent 1' photos, without any headwear, of the applicant. (Please note: The PLA man and armed police need to submit the original or fax copy of Letter of Introduction, issued by the Political Dept. of his organization; The student need to submit the Student's Identity Card.)
Service place: Police Service Station for Security Check (Room No.22008).


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